The Q5

What Makes The Q5 Different?

Ten Years of DIV I Experience

Understanding how the game is coached is an essential piece of creating effective analytics – and nothing replicates time in the trenches. Founder and developer Andy Guyader has 10 years of Division I football experience coaching top-tier and historic programs. From guiding third round NFL draft pick Ramses Barden for four seasons at Cal Poly to converting 6-foot 10-inch lineman Ali Villanueva to wide receiver at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Andy knows how to coach on the field and how to game-plan in a meeting.

Nerd-level Education

When it comes time to crunch the numbers, you need the goods to back it up. Andy has just that, with an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering and a minor in math at nationally-recognized Cal Poly, plus a master of science and PhD from Caltech. Today, Andy keeps his academic skills sharp as an instructor in the Civil Engineering department at Cal Poly. His strong analytical foundation makes him an unparalleled candidate as ambassador for the emerging field of football analytics.

Rigorously Tested

The Game Maps, Match-Up tool, play-by-play analysis and other metrics you see at The Q5 are the culmination of more than three years of intensive work. The process began while coaching at West Point, where Andy was teamed with Academy professors and cadets and tasked to create usable analytics for the Black Knights. The focus was on-field performance and off-field recruiting. Since 2013, that beta program has been refined, improved, expanded and verified in two-ways: confirmation of metrics through historical NFL data, and up-to-the-week in-season testing for FCS football program Cal Poly and top-ranked Division II Lenoir-Rhyne.

Analytics Made Fun

Say the words “sports analytics” and two images come to mind: mountains of confusing data and a movie with a certain well-known actor. The Q5 eliminates the first stereotype by providing a usable, customizable set of graphics for coaches, and easy-to-sort, easy-to-understand tools for the fan.

Our Game Maps are a painted-picture of team performance, an instant image of offensive success and failure, and a thorough yet quick visualization of defensive prowess. But Games Lines aren’t just eye-candy, they are deeply rooted in the numbers – and The Q5 metrics are available with a click of the mouse. As for the movie? Perhaps Hollywood’s next installation will move from a diamond and sphere to a rectangle and prolate spheroid. Stay tuned …

Game Maps Process

Gather Game Data

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    Not all data is created equally. The Q5 knows what’s relevant and what’s not – for analytics-minded coaches and for the devoted fan.

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    For the Coach: The Q5 first listens to your needs, then directs you to the best data source. No need to waste time on unnecessary data.

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    For the Fan: Sure, your team’s quarterback threw for 500 yards, but how did that impact the outcome of the game?

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    Time matters–for coaches, for fans. The Q5 has what you need at a moment’s notice, 24/7.

Develop Metrics

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    What data is relevant and how do we understand it? The Q5 has a proprietary system that reliably scores and reflects outcomes.

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    For the Coach: The Q5 has standard, commonly-used metrics ready-to-go for quick use. Want more? The Q5 can fully customize to your team’s needs.

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    For the Fan: The Q5 has gathered and sorted more than a dozen metrics to bring the fan the most interesting and revealing mix of information in graphical form.

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    All the data you need, right at your fingertips. No need to develop your own metrics, The Q5 does it for you, week after week after week.

Create Game Visuals

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    Ready? Raise your hand if you love to read pages and pages of tabular data! We thought not… Enter Game Maps and the Match-Up Tools.

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    The Q5 takes relevant data, processes it and creates keyed, color-coded, easy-to-read Game Map graphics. All the data is there in a fast, usable presentation.

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    Tabular data has its place: post-processed and organized once you already have a sense of overall performance. The Q5 makes this possible.

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    Why reinvent the wheel when The Q5 has done all the work for you? It’s just up to you what you do with all this great stuff.

Are You a Coach Ready for The Q5?

Investing in analytics shows you are committed to bettering your team from all angles. The Q5 provides understandable information that translates to better on-field performance.

A Trusted Voice in the War Room

When an organization invests in analytics, it invests in both the present and the future by leveraging information harnessed from the past. The Q5 founder Andy Guyader has 10 years of Division I coaching experience, a PhD from Caltech, extensive background in computer programming and algorithm development, and multiple years of university teaching experience.

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