How The Q5 Gives Back

From his time at the United States Military Academy to his days coaching at a small high school in Pasadena, giving back has always been part of Founder and Developer Andy Guyader’s way of life. The Q5 is proud to already have an established history of giving back and a plan for future giving.

Game Maps for Special Events

When the United States sent a team to the 2015 IFAF World Championships, The Q5 provided timely, team-specific Game Maps to Coach Dan Hawkins. The Q5 is proud to have donated these Game Maps that helped contribute to the United States’ championship performance.


The Q5 founder and developer Andy Guyader is not just a numbers guy – he’s got 10 years of Division I coaching experience to his name. Andy regularly makes volunteer speaking appearances at local clubs, high schools and colleges.

Sponsoring High School Programs

Starting in 2016, The Q5 will provide Game Maps to one high school team for their entire season. This is a cooperative effort between high school students interested in game operations, coaches interested in game analytics and The Q5. It is intended to introduce the process to young men and women preparing to make career choices, and to share the benefits of the analytics tools with their school.

Get Your High School Involved

Every spring, The Q5 will hold a competition to select a high school to sponsor. There is no cost to enter and no cost to the selected school for The Q5 services. The best way to be in the know on the details, is to sign up for news from The Q5.

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