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The name “The Q5” comes from the development of the fifth quarter concept. The information produced by The Q5 is for both after the game – as a reflective tool – or in anticipation for the upcoming game – a predictive tool. Whether extending beyond the game or beyond the season, The Q5 Game Maps seamlessly integrates into game planning. Plus, The Q5 brings insights into draft performance and ties it back to on-field performance. The Q5 is a year-round asset just like the game of football itself.

Points, yardage, stats – football has no shortage in the area of numbers. The issue is–what’s relevant? In the upcoming 2015 season, NFL players will have chips in their shoulder pads to collect even more data about their exact movements. Lots can be done with these numbers but as the saying goes “don’t confuse motion with progress.” The Q5 has gone through the painstaking process of managing drive data for over 1,000 NFL and college games. The results? Game Lines that accurately reflect drives results, game clock times, starting field position and Q-scores for each drive.

For the Coach

For the Fan

The metrics developed by The Q5 can be adjusted to reflect anyone’s definition of success in football. Hiring The Q5 as a consultant for your team enables your specific and unique idea of success to be determined and accurately applied. The analysis then becomes a reflection of your own philosophy but without any bias or emotion applied. Think of the output as an unbiased voice in the room to help you make important decisions.

Through precise game play analysis, what you are doing well and not doing well will be very apparent. Deciding what’s working and what’s not is critical and The Q5 can help you do that. Focus on the things that will most affect the outcome of the game and move forward. The analysis at the drive level and the play level will help you find these critical elements unique to your team.

The Q5 will analyze drives and plays from a game. Your distinct play success criteria are applied to the analysis. A few questions in a consultation session and acquisition of your play data will get the ball rolling quickly.

Every possession a team has in a game receives a grade. This grade is developed by incorporating the starting field position and drive outcome. The offense and defense are working separately during the game – inheriting field position and game situation. Yes, special teams have an impact and it is incorporated, too. Accounting for every possible starting field position, drive outcome and ending field position and you have the basics of the Q-score for every drive. Average the Q-scores and you have a game grade. Use the most recent drive Q-scores and you have the Performance Trend as seen on the Game Line.

Game Maps for Sunday games, except for the Sunday night game, will be posted Sunday night. Sunday night and Monday Game Maps will be posted soon after each game ends. Rankings will be updated approximately one hour after the end of the Monday night game.

The Q5 has developed a metric for play analysis. It is used in consulting efforts with college and pro teams. Plays are analyzed using down and distance criteria. Plays are valued within the drives when they occur. It is our vision to move into the play-by-play analysis for all games and also do this analysis in real-time. Stay tuned!

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